Sunday, 10 March 2013

Posture and Hold


The Gent should stand in a natural upright position with knees slightly flexed, with the body weight forward over the balls of feet and with the feet flat.
The body should be inclined forward from the feet braced at the waist with shoulders relaxed at normal level.
The Gent should also be aware that although the weight is forward over the balls of the feet, he must not lean over the Lady.


The Gent should stand facing the lady as described above, with the lady very slightly to the man’s right side. He should hold the lady with the right hand just below her left shoulder blade with the fingers together.

The left hand will hold the lady's right hand, making sure that the left wrist doesn't bend.  The left arm bent should be bent, with the forearm slanting upwards from the elbow to the hand. The left hand should be held at the height of the left ear.

For the lady, the left arm will be placed on the man’s right arm, the fingers of the left hand grouped neatly in the centre of the arm just below the right shoulder. The right arm will slope very slightly downwards from the shoulder to the elbow, then upwards from the elbow slanting forward towards man's left hand. The fingers will fold lightly over the man's left hand between his thumb and first finger.

 there should be a straight unbroken line between the elbow and the hand

The upper part of the right arm should slope downwards from the shoulder to the elbow. then downwards from the elbow to the hand in a straight line.

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